Lost Dunes Golf Club: An Oasis of Greens and Fairways

Experience the harmonious blend of natural beauty and strategic play at Lost Dunes Golf Club. Enjoy tailored instruction, stunning landscapes, and Bridgman hospitality on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Welcome to Lost Dunes Golf Club

Lost Dunes Golf Club: An Oasis of Greens and Fairways - SuchGolf - Where to Play

At the heart of Bridgman, Michigan, a unique golfing experience awaits you at Lost Dunes Golf Club.

Designed by the prominent architect, Tom Doak, this golfing retreat combines natural beauty with strategic play.

Lost Dunes is more than a typical golf course—it’s a golf adventure nested beside the southeastern tip of Lake Michigan.

Its 18 holes gracefully navigate through the Midwest’s natural landscapes, embracing reclaimed sand quarries surrounded by majestic 60-foot dunes.

Your game here feels harmonized with the environment.

As a member or guest, you’ll find a full-service golf shop staffed by knowledgeable professionals.

Whether you’re a beginner or at a scratch level, tailored instruction from dedicated PGA Professionals is available for individual or group sessions, including custom fitting.

Every visit brings a chance to enhance your game.

When you explore the course at Lost Dunes, you’re embarking on a memorable journey across a par-71 layout stretching over 6,900 yards.

Here, every swing, putt, and drive is not just about the play; it’s about reveling in a course that pays tribute to both the art of golf and the timeless allure of Michigan’s landscapes.

Whether you’re local to the Midwest or journeying from afar, Lost Dunes Golf Club offers you a warm welcome.

Ready your clubs and prepare to be charmed by a golf experience threaded with Bridgman hospitality and the grandeur of Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Course Features and Design

As you explore Lost Dunes Golf Club, you’ll discover the harmonious blend of artistic design and strategic play within its 18 holes.

The course, praised for its distinctive features, will challenge your game while enchanting you with its natural beauty.

The Art of Tom Doak’s Design

Tom Doak’s mastery in golf course architecture shines at Lost Dunes.

His design cleverly utilizes the unique landscape of a former sand quarry, making each hole at Lost Dunes a different challenge.

The course’s undulating fairways and creatively carved greens test both your skill and imagination, encouraging a thoughtful approach to the game.

Navigating the Fairways and Greens

The layout at Lost Dunes demands precision.

You’re invited to adapt to the varied par settings, with holes that will have you contemplating every club choice.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

  • Fairways: There are multiple routes to navigate, each requiring judicious shot selection.
  • Greens: Expect them to play a key role in your strategy, given the need for an accurate approach.

Natural Beauty and Hazards

At Lost Dunes, the aesthetic appeal of a round of golf is matched by the presence of natural hazards.

Imagine playing alongside the waters that vary with the level of Lake Michigan, woven into the course design to enhance both the visual experience and the golfing challenge.

Remember, it’s not just about conquering the layout – it’s about enjoying the Lost Dunes experience amidst towering dunes and tranquil lakes.

Club Amenities and Services

Lost Dunes Golf Club: An Oasis of Greens and Fairways - SuchGolf - Where to Play

Lost Dunes Golf Club offers a range of amenities designed to enhance your golfing experience.

From a well-appointed clubhouse to the tightly-knit member community, every aspect is tailored to meet your needs with warmth and personalized service.

The Clubhouse Experience

Address: Lost Dunes Golf Club, 9300 Red Arrow Highway, Bridgman, MI

  • Design & Comfort: The Clubhouse at Lost Dunes Golf Club is both spacious and beautifully designed, offering comfortable lounging areas to relax after a round of golf.
  • Dining: Savour exquisite dining options where you can relish locally-sourced fare and a broad selection of beverages.

Membership and Community

  • Inclusivity & Support: As a member, you’re part of a community that values camaraderie and mutual support both on and off the greens.
  • Golf Digest Recognition: Being featured in Golf Digest, attests to the exceptional Lost Dunes Experience you’re a part of, highlighting the challenge and beauty of the course.

What Makes Lost Dunes Golf Club a Great Venue for Hosting a Golf Tournament?

Lost Dunes Golf Club is the perfect venue for hosting member-guest golf tournaments. With its challenging and picturesque course, top-notch facilities, and excellent service, it offers an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators.

The club’s attention to detail and dedication to hospitality make it a standout choice for such events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Dunes Golf Club: An Oasis of Greens and Fairways - SuchGolf - Where to Play

If you’re interested in the Lost Dunes Golf Club, you might have questions about membership, accessibility, accommodations, rankings, and visitor experiences.

Here’s quick access to the answers you’re looking for.

How can one become a member at Lost Dunes Golf Club?

To join Lost Dunes Golf Club, you typically need to apply for membership and be approved by the club’s committee.

Detailed membership information including fees and the application process can usually be found on their official website.

Can the general public play at Lost Dunes Golf Club, or is it a private course?

Lost Dunes Golf Club is a private course, which means that play is usually restricted to members and their guests.

However, detailed inquiries about exceptions or event access can be made through their contact page.

What accommodations does Lost Dunes offer for an extended stay?

While Lost Dunes Golf Club primarily offers golfing amenities, they can provide recommendations for local lodging for an extended stay.

The club may have partnerships with nearby accommodations, which can be explored via their about us page.

Where does Lost Dunes Golf Club rank among golf courses?

Lost Dunes Golf Club has received recognition for its quality, with rankings such as being listed among Golf Digest’s America’s Second 100 Greatest Golf Courses.

What are some of the reviews and experiences shared by visitors to Lost Dunes Golf Club?

Visitors to Lost Dunes Golf Club often share their experiences and reviews which highlight the challenge of the course, the quality of the amenities, and the natural beauty of the setting.

For personal anecdotes, you can look for member stories and reviews on golfing websites and forums.

How does the membership cost at Lost Dunes Golf Club compare to other local clubs like Dunes Club or Harbor Shores?

To find competitive pricing information related to Lost Dunes Golf Club membership costs in comparison with nearby clubs such as Dunes Club or Harbor Shores, you may need to request specific information from each club.

Often, these details are handled confidentially and are disclosed only to prospective members.