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About SuchGolf

SuchGolf is a comprehensive online resource for golf enthusiasts of all levels, created by a group of avid golfers passionate about sharing their knowledge.

The platform offers an extensive range of content including the history of golf, detailed guides on golf equipment like clubs, balls, bags, and apparel, and insights into the latest technological advancements in the sport.

We also provide in-depth coverage of golf rules and etiquette, techniques and training tips for players, and information on famous golf courses around the world, ideal for planning golf trips.

The site features updates on major golf tournaments and championships, profiles and interviews with famous golfers, advice on golf fitness and health, and explores the influence of golf in popular culture.

SuchGolf aims to build a global community of golf lovers, offering a space to connect, learn, and enhance their love and understanding of the game.

Who We Are

SuchGolf is a property of SuchDigital, a publisher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

SuchGolf is edited by Douglas Heingartner.

He is a journalist who has written about science, technology, and more for publications including The New York Times, The EconomistWired, the BBC, The Washington Post, New ScientistThe Associated PressIEEE SpectrumQuartzThe Village VoiceThe Los Angeles TimesFrieze, and others.

His Google Scholar profile is here, his LinkedIn profile is here, and his Muck Rack profile is here.